Having a website is wonderful, but it's even better to have a performing website. The analysis of a website is very important, it allows to estimate its level of web maturity. It is essential to adopt an appropriate method to get the most out of it. By taking care of the site and thanks to some handy tools and key indicators, it is possible to make the analysis of the site and especially for the optimization in a very short time. The analysis of a site serves to improve the efficiency and success of a website in a permanent way. That's why it is necessary to turn to professional companies to perform the analysis.

The importance of website analysis

The analysis of a website with the help of Velcome SEO has the purpose to make visible the negative points, preventing the website from achieving a better positioning in the pages of search tools. The question arises about the presence of keywords on the site and the referencing of pages. Analyzing your site allows you to perceive the best placed clients on these keywords and their reasons for success. We can also discover the elements slowing down the progress of the site such as code errors and page download times. The quality of content such as images, texts and videos will be improved after the analysis. And the prevention of all errors improves the position of the website.

Aspects taken into account for the website analysis

Website analysis is the foundation of any web strategy. Therefore, it is possible to have a better referenced website with well-structured pages and good quality content. Many people consider that the performance of a website depends only on SEO. The technical audit is a very important phase where the professional identifies the different criteria to analyze the performance of the site, the actions taken and their consequences. The site's tree structure or sitemap is also taken into account to perform this analysis and optimize its display.

Agencies specialized in website analysis

Ensuring the visibility of a website and giving it the opportunity to meet the expectations of cybernauts are not easy, it is essential to respect some steps. To this effect, an SEO agency that has a good experience in several fields is very much in demand to accompany a company in order to show it how to analyze its site. The experts answer the various technical problems. They ensure the quality of the writing and develop a strategy to recover inbound links. These experts offer you a very effective strategy and a follow-up of the optimization of your web.