The keyword is the term that indicates what a document contains. It is used in order to have a relevant result during a request on a search engine. The keywords are thus essential for a good reference of its site or an article. It is then important to choose the right words but also their positions in your article because it will have a great influence on the visits of your site.

Improve the content of a blog

We are currently living in the age of content. People are constantly looking for content such as in a blog. It is then essential to target what the visitor might be looking for, of course in relation to the theme of the blog. You should thus add useful keywords.  You could list several keywords that could be relevant that will allow you to come up with several content ideas to propose. The importance of the keyword is that search engines rank each page according to what they think is relevant to what people are looking for and position them in the results. Content that contains the most relevant keywords are then placed first.

Feeding the long tail

The principle of the long tail is initially used in economics but now used in SEO. The long tail is composed of those keywords that are not often used but targeted, that include synonyms and that produce little traffic but can have an interesting impact on your site when accumulated. It consists of at least three words and is constantly evolving. It is therefore important to choose the right keyword in order to place your site well and reach your target user.

Importance of the keyword: tree structure of a site

The keyword allows to improve the structure and the content of a website or a blog. In addition, they can reduce the cost of advertising campaigns and understand what Internet users are actually looking for. During your SEO strategy, a step that you should not underestimate is the choice of keywords.  A good website tree structure is one of the secrets of a good natural referencing. Thanks to a good tree structure, we can define where to position a site in the results of search engines because for each keyword you can determine the pages that will use this main keyword and its variations. Thus, the effective choice of your keywords will allow you to classify them into different categories in your site. Therefore, each page of your site will have a unique content that will have a positive impact during searches.