SEO and SEA are two distinct SEO methods with the same goal. It is about driving traffic to a company's website when someone enters a keyword into the search engine.  Their similarities can be misleading, but natural search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search engine optimization (SEA) are very different. The SEO is based on a substantive work that is to say improving the quality of content, while the SEA is based on the implementation of an advertising type activity. The SEO as the SEA has several advantages as well as some disadvantages.

The natural referencing

The natural referencing also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as the set of strategies allowing a site to be placed in a better position on the web pages compared to others when a keyword is inserted in the search engines. The goal is therefore to work on keyword research in order to obtain a natural appearance. Therefore, a strategic SEO audit is essential to identify the appearances that can block the SEO performance of a specific site. This SEO audit allows to define the key points to be modified to improve the situation of the site; so that this last appears in the foreground on Internet.

The paid referencing

The paid referencing also called SEA (Search Engine Advertising) relies on the other hand, on the advertising communications located in the search tools and on the partner websites. The basis of the paid referencing is to fix the best offer or sale in relation to the targeted keywords in order to benefit from a better visibility compared to the potential competitors. SEA is a choice to consider in order to fill the gap in SEO. If your site is struggling to rank better than your competition, it means that you are losing notoriety and therefore SEA will allow you to remedy this. Indeed, it is the fastest and easiest system to get visibility on internet search engines. To carry out an SEO audit, the consultants analyze the needs and activities of the customers. 

The complementarity of natural and paid referencing

The natural and paid referencing tools present differences even if they generally have the same objective. Natural SEO is free while SEA is paid. Moreover, it is always recommended to treat SEO and SEA as complementary acquisition channels. Working with an efficient digital agency is the best solution in order to progress in its visibility. It is in this field that project managers and web writers intervene.